It is hard for older adults to have a stranger come into their homes and help with tasks that they have done on their own most of their lives. Yet, even a few hours of help from the right person can make all the difference in the world, easing their fears and stress and improving their functional independence and emotional life satisfaction.
- Ruth Friedman,
Founder and President

Medication Management


Medication Management

A New Approach to Medication Management

Care in the Home announces a Medication Management program that combines technology and the back-up of skilled nursing care management to improve medication compliance


  • Easy to use medication reminder device uses both sound and light cues to remind patients to take their medications
  • Reminder devices are pre-filled for patients and adjusted quickly when medications are changed
  • Not dependent on a telephone land-line to access the internet
  • 48 hour battery back-up in case of electrical outage
  • Follow-up by phone or in the home when medications are not removed from device
  • Device is also equipped to function as a Medical Alert device. The pill dispenser will open a two-way voice channel with a monitoring center. Patient’s pay $10/month extra to use as an alert device

Please call 847-256-1705 and ask for Ruth Friedman