When my wife came home from the hospital, she received a full complement of services from Care in the Home including caregivers, nurses and therapists. Thanks to the entire care team, her diabetes is under control and she is now able to walk with her walker after being bedridden for two and a half years. She is able to shop at the mall and get her hair done. We have even taken a caregiver on a vacation with us to Florida and next year hope to take a cruise!
- Paul Jones

Medication Management


Medication Management

A New Approach to Medication Management

Care in the Home announces a Medication Management program that combines technology and the back-up of skilled nursing care management to improve medication compliance


  • Easy to use medication reminder device uses both sound and light cues to remind patients to take their medications
  • Reminder devices are pre-filled for patients and adjusted quickly when medications are changed
  • Not dependent on a telephone land-line to access the internet
  • 48 hour battery back-up in case of electrical outage
  • Follow-up by phone or in the home when medications are not removed from device
  • Device is also equipped to function as a Medical Alert device. The pill dispenser will open a two-way voice channel with a monitoring center. Patient’s pay $10/month extra to use as an alert device

Please call 847-256-1705 and ask for Ruth Friedman