When my wife came home from the hospital, she received a full complement of services from Care in the Home including caregivers, nurses and therapists. Thanks to the entire care team, her diabetes is under control and she is now able to walk with her walker after being bedridden for two and a half years. She is able to shop at the mall and get her hair done. We have even taken a caregiver on a vacation with us to Florida and next year hope to take a cruise!
- Paul Jones

Live-in service

A live-in caregiver is an experienced professional who moves into the home of a client and provides care during waking hours.

  • Live-in service is not 24-hour care. 
  • The caregiver must be able to get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep and have a comfortable place to rest and get privacy. 
  • The caregiver will be available at night for occasional needs; but if help is needed on a nightly basis, the caregiver will become deprived of sleep and the situation may become unsafe.
  • If a situation is determined to be unsafe, a second caregiver may be needed temporarily to work at night billed at an hourly rate so that the live-in caregiver can get their rest.  This is called a Live-in Plus service.  The case managers work closely with the client, family and caregiver to determine when this arrangement is appropriate. 
  • Services can be cancelled at any time with 24 hours notice. 

 Rates include caregiver, case manager and 24-hour phone support

Please call 847-256-1705 for current rates

Additional Expenses
Meals are provided by the client to the caregiver simply by including the caregiver in the daily eating routine of the client or by adding $10 to the daily rate to cover the meals separately. 

If the caregiver employs their own car in service to the client, the standard rate of 55 cents per mile is billed to the client.  If the caregiver uses the client's vehicle, there is no additional expense.  It is recommended that the client review their auto policy to ensure that additional drivers are covered.

Time-and-a-half holidays include Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day. 
Double-time holidays include Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.