It is hard for older adults to have a stranger come into their homes and help with tasks that they have done on their own most of their lives. Yet, even a few hours of help from the right person can make all the difference in the world, easing their fears and stress and improving their functional independence and emotional life satisfaction.
- Ruth Friedman,
Founder and President

One hour visits

Our one hour visit service is designed for a client who has a limited number of tasks that can be performed within approximately one hour.

  • This is sometimes called a wake-up or tuck-in visit because of the typical times it is needed. 
  • For example, a client may just need a caregiver to come in the morning, wake them up, help them bathe and dress, remind them to take medications, fix an easy breakfast and then tidy up the work areas before they leave. 
  • Or perhaps some extra help is needed getting to bed at night or simply a companion to come for lunch and take the client for a walk. 
  • Any combination of tasks that can be reasonably completed with an hour time frame is appropriate for this service. 

 $55 per visit

Rates include caregiver, case manager and 24-hour phone support

Additional Expenses
If the caregiver employs their own vehicle in service to the client, the standard rate of 55 cents per mile is billed to the client.  If the caregiver uses the client's vehicle, there is no additional expense.  It is recommended that the client review their auto policy to ensure that additional drivers are covered. 

Time-and-a-half holidays include Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day.
Double-time holidays include Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day,  New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.