When my wife came home from the hospital, she received a full complement of services from Care in the Home including caregivers, nurses and therapists. Thanks to the entire care team, her diabetes is under control and she is now able to walk with her walker after being bedridden for two and a half years. She is able to shop at the mall and get her hair done. We have even taken a caregiver on a vacation with us to Florida and next year hope to take a cruise!
- Paul Jones

Skilled Nursing Services


  • Skilled Nursing visits
  • Home Health Aide bath visits
  • Medical Social Work support
  • Diabetes management and teaching
  • Wound care
  • Medication Management
  • Oxygen/Respiratory therapy
  • Pain management
  • Laboratory and diagnostic services including EKG's, ultrasounds and x-rays
  • Post-hospital and post-surgical care
  • Pulmonary/Cardiac care
  • Psychiatric nursing
  • Geriatric care

All services are coverered under Medicare Part A and most private medical insurances with a physician's order. 

Care in the Home takes pride in the quality of skilled nursing services that our staff provides.  We recognize that the medical field is constantly changing and making new discoveries, especially in the fields of wound care, pain management, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and geriatrics.  Our staff stays on top of the latest developments and works hard to provide careful coordination and attention to detail to achieve the best results.  

Care in the Home provides a comprehensive approach to wound care to promote prompt healing.  Our clinicians work with wound care specialists and use a variety of specialty wound dressings including VAC therapy.  Whatever the cause of the wound, the skill and experience of our wound nurses assures that even troublesome and debilitating wounds will receive the best care possible.  

Care in the Home is also one of the few home health providers that employs a full-time, experienced psychiatric nurse on staff.