Appointment Service

For clients who only need assistance getting to their appointments, we offer an escort service for up to three hours.

  • The caregiver will pick up the client, drive to the appointment, stay with the client during the appointment, and then drive them home, assisting in all aspects along the way.
  • Getting out of the house to appointments can often be a challenging and dangerous task with the likelihood of falls and injury increasing in the winter and after a stay in the hospital or rehab facility.
  • It is better than a taxi because the client is hiring a professional trained to assist with ambulation and avoiding falls as well as someone experienced in what to do if a fall occurs.
  • It is better than a van service, because the client is guaranteed one-on-one attention, whereas a van may make several stops to pick up multiple riders.
  • $70 per Occasion

Additional Expenses


If the caregiver employs their own car in service to the client, the standard rate of 55 cents per mile will be billed to the client. If the caregiver uses the client's car for transport, there is no additional expense. It is recommended that the client review their auto policy to ensure that additional drivers are covered.

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